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There are two costs when using AdCritter: the cost of our software (platform fee) and the cost of running your ads (ad spend).

Platform Fee

The price of the AdCritter Platform

30 Days Free.

Then $149 /mo.

  • Free to explore.
  • Free while setting up campaigns.
  • Free for 30 days after starting your first campaign


  • Access to millions of pre-designed ads.
  • Free custom ad design for unique business types.
  • Advanced customer targeting.
  • Hyper-local geo-targeting


Ad Spend

The money you spend to run ads on top sites


Set your own budget

  • You decide the ad budget that's right for your business.
  • Our buying power gets you the best possible prices.


  • Display your ads on top sites.
  • Options for choosing the sites you like.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Advanced analytics.

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