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Ad Creation. Ad Targeting. Top Sites.

Powerful advertising technology for your small business

Until now, the best digital advertising tools were out of reach for small businesses. With AdCritter, that’s changed. We’ve taken the powerful targeting tools that big businesses have used for years and made them simple, effective and affordable for you.

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Powerful & Easy Targeting

With great power comes… great revenue

The real magic of AdCritter is the incredibly powerful targeting tools available for your campaigns. With our easy-to-use interface, you can define exactly who to target and where they’ll see your ads. Target your audience by demographic data, location or a number of other hyper-specific criteria. Getting the right ad in front of the right person is how businesses grow.

An Ad Builder Built For You

No Photoshop required

After signing up for AdCritter, select your business type and you’ll immediately have access to a huge library of pre-designed ads for your industry. That’s how easy ad creation is. Customizing these ads is fast and simple, and there are lots of free, high-quality image options to choose from. Or you can upload your own. If you decide to put "ad designer" on your resume, we won’t judge. Your secret is safe with us.

Put Ads Where YOU Want Them

Reach who you want, wherever they are

Finally, AdCritter makes it possible for you to select the types of websites where you want your ads to appear. Looking to reach your audience on cooking sites? News outlets? eCommerce giants? They’re all options. And, if you want to get really specific, you can even hand-select the sites where the ads will show up.

Three steps to beautiful ads that work...


1. Create your ad

Browse our library of thousands of pre-made ads. You can even search for ones that were tailor-made for your industry, everything from accounting to zookeeping. Edit the ad to your liking.


2. Target your audience

Use the same marketing software that big companies do to get their ads in front of exactly the people who want to buy from them. Better targeting = more revenue.


3. Deliver your ad

Choose the categories of sites where you want your ad to appear or even hand-select your favorites. Top sites mean top results.

What Our Users Are Saying

“AdCritter is AMAZING for my business. Their platform does so much of the work for me that I can focus my time elsewhere and not worry.”

Matt Carney, Smokin Thighs

“AdCritter's ad targeting technology is a heck of a deal. Access to this level of tech in the past required that I spend $20k a month on ad campaigns. Now I get the tech I need for a fraction of the cost. Super easy to use too."

Brad Hill , BHC Real Estate

Learn How It Works

Understand the three-step process you'll use for every AdCritter campaign.
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