Simplified, Self-Serve Programmatic.

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Simplified, Self-Serve Programmatic

Programmatic advertising used to be the domain of big agencies. It was technically complex. It had high up-front costs and expensive middlemen. All this made it impractical for ordinary marketers and smaller agencies.

AdCritter changes all of that. Designed for the ordinary marketer, AdCritter makes buying and managing programmatic campaigns quick and easy. With no monthly minimums, a simple self-serve platform, free geo-targeting and a low CPM, it’s perfect for small companies and agencies.

Don’t bet your future success on Google and Facebook alone. The biggest companies use programmatic because it works. You should too.

Totally Self-Serve

No complicated demos.
No pushy sales people.
Just create an account and go.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to try AdCritter for yourself. Get started for as little as $500 and cancel any time. No setup fees and no minimum ad budgets. Just create your account and go.

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Target by Location,
Audience or Keyword

Target your ads your way. Location Targeting is perfect for small business that need to target a given area. Keyword Targeting puts your ads on topically relevant sites. Audience Targeting allows you to target a specific group of people. Choose any of our pre-configured audiences, upload your own audience, or have us build one to your specifications.





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AdCritter delivers for you.

We handle the complexity of the Ad Exchanges, so you can focus on your clients' success.






ad formats

AdCritter delivers for you.

We help you by handling the complexity of the Ad Exchanges, allowing you to focus on your clients' success.

Your clients deserve more
than Facebook and Google.

Nearly half of internet advertising happens outside of the Google/Facebook duopoly. This is the “better half,” where advertising is cheaper, less restricted and more effective.

If you are an agency and you’re not offering your clients programmatic, then you simply are not a full-service digital agency. With AdCritter, you can be. Your clients will thank you.