Easy Ad Creation. Powerful Ad Targeting.

There’s nothing more powerful than a great ad delivered to exactly the right person. AdCritter is an advanced programmatic ad platform, allowing you to precisely target your ads to your most likely buyers. It also simplifies ad creation with an easy ad builder, plus thousands of pre-made ads for virtually every business type.

Powerful Ad Targeting

Modern ad tech is both powerful and intimidating. There’s geo-targeting, audience-based targeting, interest-based targeting, keyword targeting, CRM matching, and on and on. AdCritter has all of these technologies and more but makes them easy to use and understand.

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Easy Ad Creation

Every great ad campaign starts with great ads. AdCritter makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful, professional looking ads with a few simple clicks.

Want something even easier? Choose from thousands of pre-designed ads based on your business specialty. We’ll even keep them updated for you.

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Run on Top Sites

Once you’ve made great ads and targeted your ideal customer, it’s time to run your ads on top websites. Choose which categories of websites you want your ads to appear on, or even pick individual websites. AdCritter handles the rest.

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Built for Smaller Companies

Programmatic advertising used to be the domain of very large companies. It was national, not local. It was technically complex. It had high up-front costs and expensive middlemen. It was simply impractical for smaller companies.

AdCritter changed all of that. Designed specifically for smaller companies, AdCritter makes buying and managing programmatic campaigns quick and easy. With super low minimums, built-in ad creation and easy-to-use targeting tools, AdCritter is perfect for smaller companies and marketing departments.

Don’t bet your company’s future on Google and Facebook. The largest companies use programmatic because it works. Now you can too.