Frequently Asked Questions


Together, the Facebook/Google duopoly controls roughly half of online advertising. AdCritter gives you access to the other half. For most small businesses, it costs less and delivers better results.
AdCritter is the best ad platform for running smaller campaigns. It’s ideal for small companies, and also for large companies that run many small campaigns. Contact us for details.
Yes. AdCritter allows you to do conversion tracking by adding a simple line of code to your website.
Yes. Retargeting works automatically in AutoTargeter campaigns and can be customized in Advanced Targeting.
Ads appear across the entire Internet ecosystem on all types of devices. They will appear on high-quality websites relevant to your target audience. Ads are restricted from appearing on unsafe, inappropriate, violent and pornographic site categories by default. For a partial list of the websites AdCritter runs ads on, click here.
AdCritter carefully selects publishers and supply-side platforms that represent the only the best quality placements. Ads are restricted from appearing on unsafe, inappropriate, violent and pornographic site categories by default.


AdCritter offers continuously updated pre-designed ads for nearly 1,000 business types. If your type of small business is even remotely common, it is almost certainly among those we pre-design ads for.
If you use any of our pre-designed ads, AdCritter will not offer that ad to any other business within 100 miles of your location.
If you prefer to make your own ads, our Ad Builder makes it incredibly easy. First, choose an ad image from our catalog of over 100 million images. Then type in what you want your ad to say. Ad Builder then creates multiple versions of your ad for desktop and mobile. Preview them instantly and approve or edit.
Of course. You can upload ads in any of the standard sizes and formats.


AdCritter’s platform fee starts at $149 a month, with 30 days free. There is no long-term contract, so you can cancel any time. You don’t need a credit card to create an account and you’ll never pay a penny until you start running ads.

Once you do start running ads, you’ll need to set a budget for ad spend. Ad spend is the cost to actually run your ads. You can adjust your ad spend as often as you like based on your business needs and the results you are getting.
AdCritter makes it easy to see how your campaigns are performing. You’ll be able to easily track your impressions, clicks, costs and conversions. You’ll see how each ad is performing over time, so you can make necessary adjustments.
Analytics and reporting are updated daily.


Virtually every method of modern ad targeting is possible on AdCritter. Target groups of people by uploading an audience or crafting one with our powerful audience builder. Geo-target locations large or small, including individual buildings and even your competitors. Build retargeting campaigns virtually any way you like. Or simply use AutoTargeter and we’ll set up the targeting for you.
Rather than targeting specific websites, Audience Targeting allows you to target certain people or groups of people. You can use our Audience Builder to create an audience, upload a custom audience you already have, or use AutoTargeter and we’ll do it for you.
Yes. We can match an audience to your existing customer data, delivering ads only to the individuals you specify.
AdCritter makes it easy to target ads by location in the United States. You can target by state, metro or zip code. You can also geo-target smaller areas, including individual buildings. Either upload the addresses you want to target or use our geo-mapper to draw virtual fences around the exact spaces you want to target.
Auto Targeter is available for the vast majority of small business types. Simply choose your category and answer a series of simple questions about your business, such as where you’re located, what your areas of specialty are, etc. Auto Targeter then utilizes all of AdCritter’s targeting tools, setting them up according to what we know gets great results for businesses just like yours. Your campaign is then regularly optimized based on the results of both your campaign and the campaigns of your peers. For most small businesses, Auto Targeter campaigns will perform better than those with customized ad settings.


For agencies, AdCritter makes small accounts profitable and scalable. Our editable, pre-made ads dramatically reduce labor costs. Auto Targeter makes campaign setup lightning fast. AutoTargeter also auto-optimizes, eliminating endless tweaking and guesswork. And we watch what’s working and what’s not in every small business category, so you don’t have to.
As an agency, you’ll want to sign up for the Pro Marketer Plan. Your monthly platform fee allows you to manage up to five client accounts. Each additional client account is $99 per month.
Yes. Agencies can manage the campaigns, budgets and reporting for each client separately.
Yes. White-label client reports are included in the Pro Marketer Plan.


AdCritter is a DSP (Demand-Side Platform) with seats on all of the major ad exchanges.
Each ad is given a unique identifier that is used to track impressions, clicks and conversion events on the landing page. The results are visible for each ad in each campaign. The same identifier is passed as a URL parameter to the landing page for further evaluation in Google Analytics.
AdCritter has developed proprietary ad delivery, measurement, and targeting technologies that work independently of third-party cookies. AdCritter users will see little to no impact during the phase-out of third-party cookie usage.
In addition to the unique identifier for each ad, AdCritter allows you to pass optional URL parameters to identify individual clients and campaigns.
Yes. Inquire for details.