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Why Native Advertising is Key to E-Commerce Success

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With the ever-competitive digital market, many businesses, particularly e-commerce, are currently flexing their muscles in a bid to have a competitive edge. And as an entrepreneurial business, you shouldn’t be left behind. All marketers want to account for every dollar spent on digital advertising in terms of the ROI. And the rapidly growing native advertising is proving to be a solution in many ways. 

Recently, business owners and marketers in the US alone spent more than 43 billion U.S. dollars in native advertising. This means that native advertising has been a gold mine for many businesses and marketers. The COVID-19 pandemic is still here with us. Online consumer shopping is forever going to change––and many of those changes are for the better.

Increased online shopping, marked with the rapid move towards native advertising, is slowly becoming the key success factor on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. Are you an e-commerce business owner? Here is a synopsis of what native advertising is and why you should be using it. Especially in 2021, as part of your marketing mix. 

So What Exactly is Native Advertising?  

Native advertising is a form of marketing that uses in-feed ads that match the look and feel of editorial content on the web page or platform in which they’re published. Unlike regular display ads or pop-up ads, native ads are non-intrusive, and they blend more powerfully with site content. They can be in the form of videos, infographics, and articles.

Creating Awareness 

The ever-growing internet users, especially smartphone users, usually browse web pages and social platforms for different purposes. Some have specific reasons or targets, such as searching for information on products or solutions to their specific problems. And are therefore likely to spend less time surfing the internet. 

On the other hand, some users are on exploration. In essence that they don’t have a defined intent and are just interacting with anything they find exciting or attracts their interest. When it comes to native advertising, this group of users is your marketing sweet spot. These consumers may not yet have heard of your brand or product but in the process of browsing, they become exposed to your brand/product, through native ads.

Increasing Consideration 

Now that consumers have come across your brand or product, how do they indulge deeper, learn about it, as well as build a stronger relationship with it? That is where native advertising necessitates. This is how you can intrigue the consumer into buying your products over several others or consider them in the future. 

First, through native advertising, you’ll be providing relevant and valuable information to your target audience. Native advertisements such as recommended articles resonate well with the users’ needs and attempts at solving their problems. With that relevance and value, consumers are more likely to consider your products as you “first inform, before selling to them.”

Secondly, native advertising offers a perfect opportunity to personalize your campaigns based on the users’ behaviors and specific needs. For instance, you can personalize a native ad according to a user’s past purchasing preference history. When you offer products or content that resonates well with them, they’re more likely to build affection with your brand. 

Team of diverse e-commerce business owners in an office discussing effective native advertising marketing strategy.

Turning Prospects into Customers

At this stage, a consumer has shown interest in your product/content through clicking the ad. Now it’s time to influence them to make a purchase. Retargeting the consumers with native ads can significantly increase your conversion rates. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer survey, 81 percent of consumers said they need to trust a brand before buying. Shopify being an online market space, your store has to build credibility with its visitors to get it right. 

Through relevant as well as targeted native ads, consumers will develop a mutual relationship with your brand. As a result, you get higher conversion chances. Conversion can be signing up to your emails, making a purchase, as well as scheduling a sales call. In addition to that, you can also induce your target audience by incentivizing your native ads. Through special deals such as coupons, exclusive discounts, as well as demos, you can make your brand irresistible. 

Again, by focusing on relevant audiences, e-commerce brands can experience a decrease in their cost-per-action (CPA) expenses. That is through reduced time to purchase. A targeted native campaign aligns itself with a customer’s needs and thus creates faster conversions. 

A study found that consumers tend to click open native ads 53 percent more frequently than display ads. This is a true indicator that native advertising can significantly increase your marketing ROI and drive you towards success. 

Customer Retention 

We can all agree that customer retention is less expensive than acquiring new customers. Therefore, you need to give maximum attention to your existing customers to maintain and turn them into repeat customers. The good news is, native advertising will help you in customer acquisition and customer retention. 

Native advertising can help you build a connection with your customers. Encouraging them to purchase again through attractive deals or other unique methods of engagement. For example, at the end of a native ad, like an article or video, you can entice consumers to subscribe to your newsletters, opt into your emails, as well as check for similar information in a recommended post. 

You can also retain your customers through special treatment. Such as early access to information, updates on the latest trends, and access to limited offers and exclusive discounts.

Bottom Line 

Native advertising has a non-disruptive and user-friendly nature, that can turn even low potential customers into regular shoppers. Moreover, it has unmatched benefits such as higher engagements as well as increased conversions. The bottom line is: you need native advertising in your marketing mix to be successful, especially on Shopify.  

AdCritter can help you create compelling native ads and target your perfect consumer. Contact us today.

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