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Ad Targeting

Reach Exactly the People You Want

The beauty of online advertising is that you can target your ads to the people most likely to buy from you. It is almost shocking how well you can target ads when you have access to the right tools. As always, AdCritter makes it easy.

Audience-Based Targeting

Big Data to Reach Your Most Likely Buyers

Need to reach people who love flowers? Or buy luxury goods? Or have children of a certain age? How about exotic pet owners who smoke cigars? AdCritter has all those audiences and more.

AdCritter connects to all the largest customer data providers, so you can target your ads to the exact types of people you want to reach. With over 200,000 audience characteristics to choose from, you can advertise based on your ideal demographics, interests, behaviors and more. Just like the big guys do.

Who is your ideal customer? Chances are, AdCritter can put that exact audience at your fingertips.

Smart Targeter

Unique Targeting for Specific Business Types

Should a restaurant’s dinner ads appear in a wider area than its lunch ads? Can a carwash time its ads based on the weather? How much of a realtor’s ad budget should be targeted toward newlyweds?

You don’t have to know these answers because AdCritter does. Smart Targeter tunes all your ad targeting based on your business type. Smart Targeter continuously learns and optimizes based on the results of all the businesses in your category.

If setting up your ad targeting seems daunting, Smart Targeter is the answer. It’s available for virtually every small business type (over 1,000 and counting). Just pick your specialty, answer a few basic questions and Smart Targeter sets everything up for you.


Location-Based Advertising Made Easy

There are countless ways to use geo-targeting to reach your ideal customer. Here are some of the most popular methods, which AdCritter can do for you.

Local Ads for Small Business

If you have a small shop or restaurant, it doesn’t make sense to spread your advertising all over the city. Target your ads to people who are close enough to buy from you. Show special offers at peak times. Advertise walk-in specials to people within walking distance. AdCritter makes it easy.

Combine with Audiences & Demographics

With AdCritter, you can combine your geo-campaign with other targeting types, such as demographics or a custom audience. Need to deliver ads to people within a certain location, but only if they are women over 40? No problem. Or maybe you have a specific list of customers you want to show ads to, but only when they are physically nearby. AdCritter makes it easy.

Competitor Targeting

Geo-targeting is also useful for delivering ads to people while they are shopping with your competitors. If someone is visiting your competitor’s showroom, showing them a mobile ad with a special offer can be a powerful incentive.

Event Targeting

You can use AdCritter to target people while they’re at specific events. Couldn’t afford a booth at that important industry conference? Use AdCritter to advertise to everyone who’s there.

B2B Marketing

Trying to close a large deal with a specific company? Use AdCritter to geo-target their corporate headquarters and deliver a specific ad just to them. Or maybe there are a number of companies on your hot list. Use geo-targeting to deliver ads to your most important prospects.

Target Big or Small

With Location-Based targeting on AdCritter, you can target your ads to an entire state, a single neighborhood or even to a single building. Need to target multiple locations? AdCritter makes that easy, too.

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