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Spotlight on Ashleigh Ratchford

Ashleigh Bakes

Here at AdCritter, nothing gives our team more joy than hearing about business ideas turned into entrepreneurial realities. We draw inspiration from small business owners and their tales of determination, grit, and strong work ethic, and we’re sure you all will too! Today, we shine the spotlight on Ashleigh Ratchford, the founder and owner of Ashleigh Bakes Daily, an online bakery based in North Carolina.

Ashleigh started as a broke college student who started baking in her off-campus apartment.  She eventually turned her hobby into a side hustle.  When the pandemic hit, everything changed.

“I love baking, and the pandemic propelled me to move from a part-time to full-time business!” said Ratchford.

Naming the business took a little bit of thinking.  She didn’t want to pigeonhole herself by including a specific pastry in the name like “cookies” or “cupcakes.” Instead, she decided on Ashleigh Bakes Daily because that’s what she does!

In deciding what to offer, she landed on one principle.  She didn’t want to just bake what others asked her to make.  She knew that would lead to burnout, and she would end up hating the kitchen. Instead, Ashleigh decided to only bake items using ingredients she would feed her own family.  That includes everything from Oreo chocolate chip cookies with sprinkles to lemon berry cookies to brown sugar baby cookies.  Are you hungry yet?

What sets Ashleigh Bakes Daily apart from its competitors is Ashleigh’s strategy to deliver small batches of products in limited quantities to ensure each customer gets the freshest, highest-quality baked goods.  Ashleigh proudly explains, “I mix, bake and ship every batch of baked goods that my customers order.  Nothing is pre-made or frozen.”

Owning your own small business is tough, but this entrepreneur loves the freedom to be there for her family when they need her. That’s something more and more people have learned during this pandemic.  She also loves seeing and hearing people’s reactions to her baked creations.

Her advice for other small business owners? “Do what makes you happy and find a way to profit while doing it.”  We couldn’t agree more.

To check out Ashleigh Bakes Daily’s delectable selection of desserts, head over to or follow her on Facebook or on Instagram @AshleighBakesDaily  And if you’re in the Durham, North Carolina area, you can find her on Door Dash! Everyone else can order online!

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