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5 Ways Real Estate Agents Should Use Advertising to Target Prospects

Female real estate agent using a laptop for advertising her company to its future customers.

Why should a real estate agent advertise? What are some of the best advertising techniques a real estate agent can use when striving to obtain new clients?

Advertising––or lack of it can make or break any business or professional service, including real estate. Realtors can transform their sales rates by targeting their ads toward the right potential clients.

Creating a plan for effectively targeting prospective home buyers and sellers before they decide puts your name, as an agent, foremost in their minds.  Seventy-five percent of sellers list their homes with the first real estate agent they interview. If you have gained their trust, you are the one they will call first. 

Why Real Estate Agents Must Advertise:

To Build a Personal Brand

Everyone who operates a business or offers a professional service needs a personal brand that helps signal potential clients what they can expect from you. It will take some time to develop a branding strategy that will work for a real estate agent, but branding is one of the best steps you can take to promote yourself as a professional. 

Effectively building a brand requires a creative advertising plan. You can create the best branding model ever, but if you don’t share your brand with sectors of the public most receptive to your services, having a killer brand concept – or even being in business––is pointless. Having a recognized brand is essential for real estate agents. Advertising builds brand recognition. It’s that simple. 

To Set Oneself Apart from the Pack

Your town or city is likely filled with a number of real estate agents offering similar services. However, each real estate agent provides these services in a unique, personal manner. And most agents develop a specialty. Some consciously choose to focus on certain marketing aspects––or their specialty may develop spontaneously. 

Building a unique branding strategy will help you establish yourself as an expert real estate agent. But people can’t hire you unless they know about you. 

Advertising will effectively promote what you have that’s unique to offer customers.  Setting yourself apart from the pack will help you connect personally with buyers and sellers seeking an agent in your niche; the people most likely to seek your services.  

To Create Credibility

Consistency in branding and well-designed advertising garner trust as well as respect. They help potential customers perceive you and your services as credible and reliable.

5 Great Ways to Use Advertising as a Real Estate Agent

We’ve made the case for why advertising is essential for real estate agents. Now, we’ll note ways to target and design ads to reach the most pertinent audiences, so that prospective clients are most likely to select you, in particular, as their real estate agent.

1. Target ads toward homeowners whose online behavior signals potential relocation plans.

Targeting ads toward people whose online behavior suggests a potential move gives realtors a head start signing new clients. Early indications of potential moving plans include the following actions:

Browsing online homes for sale listings

Obviously, if someone is scanning online home sales sites, that person likely wishes for a new home. If your unique and attractive ads pop up on the pages where home shoppers linger, you’re likely to get noticed as well as probably contacted when the home shopper decides to make a purchase.

Seeking renovations 

In a number of cases, if homeowners perform renovations, it may be because they’re considering selling their house. Home renovation sites are another option for targeted ads to appear upon. 

Group of diverse real estate agents in an office discussing advertising plans and strategies.

Renting storage units

People whose homes do not offer enough space often store possessions in storage rental units. They may be in the market for a larger home.

Researching moving companies

It goes without saying that people checking on moving companies have either purchased a new home or are planning to purchase one soon. If the latter is the case, and your ads reach them, they may likely give you a call for assistance in locating a larger home they will love. 

2. Use geo-fencing to target ads toward neighborhoods where potential clients live.

In geofence or location-based marketing, a geographic boundary is placed around a point of interest. When a mobile device enters the area, the geofence can institute several events, usually delivering some type of advertising. Geofencing technology can also create fresh opportunities. It delivers a competitive edge for a business. Top it off with the right marketing tactic; it will build customer loyalty and maximize your client list. 

Serve ads to likely buyers, for open houses, etc.

Ads for open houses and special messages can be served to likely buyers in a selected area. Geofence marketing opens doors – helps realtors directly reach potential home sellers or purchasers in the type of neighborhoods they wish to focus upon. 

3. To communicate value – show what sets you apart from other realtors.

When designing ads, make sure you don’t present yourself as just another run-of-the-mill realtor. Focus on what’s unique about your services. Make certain prospective clients know you will go out of your way to serve their buying or selling needs to address their concerns.

4. Target promotions to apartment dwellers likely looking to purchase a first home.

Renters become home-buyers. There are ways to target apartment dwellers without invasive techniques. helps realtors reach renters who may be interested in exploring the opportunity to purchase a home. 

5. Target people performing searches.

In Internet marketing, search advertising is a technique of placing online advertisements on web pages in relation to results from specific search engine queries. Search ads are also targeted to match keywords entered into search engines.

Through search-engine advertising services, ads can be placed on web pages alongside other published content. These types of ads are considered less intrusive since they are intended to reach people interested in their topic. They are also cost-effective for advertisers as they reach strategically targeted markets. 

Targeted search ads could focus on keywords your potential clients might type into a search engine, like:

  • Houses in “your town”.
  • Top real estate agent in “your town”.
  • School ratings in “your town”.

As you can tell, targeting is the keyword for real estate agents planning an effective advertising campaign. Technology also makes it easy to zero in on the individuals most likely to become potential real estate clients. 

Ready to learn more about how to use advertising cost-effectively to further your career? Contact AdCritter for help in creating targeted ads that deliver the right message to the right person. Let us help you build your client list and experience success in real estate.

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