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Using AdCritter to Grow Your Business

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The global advertising market is on track to reach a market value of over $760 billion by 2024. Allocating an advertising budget is now essential to the success of any business, regardless of size and location. However, many business owners don’t know their advertising options, especially with the constantly expanding market we live in today. With AdCritter you can access the most up-to-date marketing techniques without needing to break the bank!

Benefits of AdCritter: Programmatic Advertising

AdCritter uses a relatively new form of advertising, known as programmatic. It involves the purchasing of personalized ads through a digital real time bidding auction. It is the quickest and most effective process for ad buying in the current business world. 

Usually, a small business would handle procurement, targeting, and data analytics as separate processes. However, AdCritter offers a way to automate these aspects in one place.

Benefits of AdCritter: Audience Targeting with Precision

Targeting is essential to a strong advertising campaign. If the wrong people see your product or service, they won’t buy it, and you ultimately waste money. Programmatic advertising can help ensure that this doesn’t happen and instead makes every dollar you spend on your ad budget count.

This is through targeting methods that narrow down your target market based on a few key factors including location, demographics, household income, buying habits, etc.

In the past, this would be data that you’d need to source manually before running your ad. This could add a great deal of time to the process and couldn’t get nearly as specific. 

AdCritter streamlines and digitizes this part of the process, meaning your adverts perform better overall because the right people are seeing them at the right time. 

Benefits of AdCritter: Advanced Advertising Creation

AdCritter adds your unique brand to our up-to-date pre-designed ads, which we base on successful business approaches in your sector.

It’s quicker and more cost-effective than paying a marketing company to design an advert from scratch, and it puts you in the driver’s seat throughout the whole process.

Benefits of AdCritter: Real-Time Data and Insights

When it comes to data, programmatic is considerably better than other marketing initiatives. 

AdCritter provides data and analytics on how your ad performs in real-time. You’re able to see who is interacting with your ad and how many of them are converting into buyers.

With quick turnarounds on data, you can quickly refine and tweak for your next campaign (no more waiting around for monthly sales reports). And, by appropriately using this data, programmatic advertising allows you more successful adverts long-term.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising: A More Affordable Marketing Solution

With AdCritter, you pay a  small monthly fee, which opens access to a full suite of design tools, targeting tools, and delivery.

The cost of hiring a marketing company to deliver campaigns can be astronomical. This simply isn’t a viable advertising method for most small businesses operating today.

This is why AdCritter provides an affordable solution. We know how important good advertising is to your business, and we’re here to make it easy for you.

To find out more about how AdCritter can solve your business’s advertising needs, try our 30-day free trial by creating your account today.

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