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Digital Billboard Advertising: Keys to Designing a Killer Billboard

Multiple samples of digital billboard advertisements along the city streets.

If you had a fraction of a second to get your target audience hooked into what you have to say, and a couple of seconds to deliver the full message, what would you say? How would you say it? Now, factor in having to say that while standing in the middle of tens of other people who are trying to get their own messages across. What are your chances? Similar to that, trying to catch the eye of commuters and deliver the message in a few seconds using a digital billboard, especially if it stands in the middle of other billboards, is no easy feat.

So, how would you go about it?

Here, we will discuss the top five keys to designing a killer digital billboard.

5 Key Ways to Design Your Digital Billboard Advertisements

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Apart from people who are stuck in traffic, commuters have very few seconds to take their eyes off the road to read a billboard, so you should deliver your message with just a few words. They also can’t take their eyes off the road to record a phone number or a website, so your call-to-action should be easy to memorize.

Even if you are targeting people who are stuck in traffic, it is better to put up an advertisement that every commuter can read, regardless of their speed.

2. Legibility

If people have to struggle to read your digital billboard, then they probably won’t read it at all. So, you should have readable content that your target audience will see and read easily. Use the following rules to guide you in selecting the right typeface to give optimum legibility to your digital billboard advertisement.

3. Use Large Text

When it comes to advertising, size really matters. So, to immediately capture the attention of commuters, you should use large text to deliver your message. It should take at least a quarter of the billboard so as to be visible from at least 500 feet. Having it as the main focus of the billboard means that is what most commuters will remember.

4. Use Bold, Clear Fonts

Thin lines can break up or fade from 500 feet away, so you should always use bold fonts. As a rule of thumb, always use Sans-Serif fonts as they are more legible from a distance and don’t have any decorative embellishments.

5. Use an Appealing Color Scheme

Another trick is to use a background of complementary bright colors that blend well with the text to improve readability. You can also add a dark line around the text to ensure that the letters pop.

Stick to One Message

Effective billboards reduce complex messages to their essential elements. A crowded billboard is too distracting regardless of whether it is well-designed and creative or not. Two images may be too distracting and commuters may not have time to get to the message you are trying to convey.

Instead, stick to one message, and one powerful image that will help build brand awareness such as the company logo, brand model, or product. The image should be on one side and the message or company information on the other. In this way, they will be readable separately and commuters going at a high speed will not see it as a blur.

Color and Background

To make sure that your digital billboard is easy to read and stands out from the rest, a good rule of thumb is to avoid backgrounds that are purely white. The best approach is to create a stark contrast between the background of the paper and the color of your ad’s font. This will help make your ad easier to read.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), advertisements with high color contrast improve recall by 38%. Using colors that have a sharp contrast against each other can ensure that all your readers, even those with low vision, can differentiate your message from its background. This will make your digital billboard leave a lasting impression.

Test Your Idea

Before contacting your advertising platform with your design, you should first test to see if it will be effective. A simple way to test it is to show it to someone who is standing far away from you. After about five to seven seconds, hide it then ask them questions about the advertisement. Who was the advertiser? What were they advertising? How would they reach them?

In a nutshell a good billboard:

  1. Is not crowded,
  2. The text and the logo stand out from the background,
  3. Is eye-catching and creates a powerful visual interest,
  4. Has powerful branding,
  5. Uses clear and bold fonts,

A bad billboard:

  1. Is too busy and/or messy,
  2. Uses multiple colors that clash with each other,
  3. The message and target audience is unclear,
  4. Does not provide clear branding,

Leverage Powerful Advertising Technology for Your Small Business

As easy as it may sound, billboard advertising is not simple. It is not easy to come up with a compelling design. For an industry that is always growing, you need to get your marketing messages and your advertising strategies finely tuned in order for you to come up with an effective billboard design for a successful advertisement campaign. 

At AdCritter, we make the advertising process easier by helping them leverage the best digital advertising tools. Our powerful targeting tools are not only easy to use, but they are also effective and affordable to SMEs. The following are the things our platform can do for you:

  • Allow you to browse our library of thousands of pre-made and tailor-made ads and commercials,
  • Enable you to define exactly who your target audience is,
  • Define where your target audience will see your ads,
  • Place your ads just about anywhere digital advertising is offered.

Do you need help putting ads where you (and your target audience) want them? It’s time to leverage our powerful advertising technology for your small business. 

Contact us or call us at (615) 515-3600 today if have any questions concerning billboard advertising.

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