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Ad Delivery

Run Your Ads on Top Websites

Once you’ve made great ads and targeted your ideal customer, it’s time to run your ads! Choose which sites and categories of sites you want your ads to appear on. You can even choose certain shows for your Targeted TV commercials. AdCritter handles the rest.

Access the Entire Web

AdCritter runs your ads across the entire internet ecosystem, automatically placing your ads on the sites that generate the best results. If placing your ads on specific websites is important for your brand, AdCritter makes that easy too.

Always Brand Safe

AdCritter will only run your ads on high quality, brand-safe sites. Controversial sites, such as those with hate, violence or sexual content, are never allowed.

Lowest Possible Prices

Our bulk buying and direct connection to all the major ad exchanges means you get the best possible prices for your ad placements.

Free Trial Time!

The only way to really appreciate the power and simplicity of AdCritter is to try it out for yourself. That's why we offer a 100% free trial, so you can see the potential it has to grow your business firsthand.