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Buyer Intent Advertising: How to Use Data

In 2020, businesses in the United States spent over $242.5 billion on advertising. But while large companies like Apple or Coca-Cola can afford to advertise wherever, smaller businesses need a strategy. 

Fortunately, buyer intent, or a consumer’s willingness to buy, offers small businesses the data they need to develop these strategies.

Develop the Right Offers

One of the most significant benefits of buyer intent data is that it can help you develop your products and services. Even the best advertising can’t sell a product that doesn’t suit its audience. When you have an idea of your ideal customer’s wants and needs, you can sharpen your services and create the most attractive offer.

Get Good Leads

There are multiple ways to generate leads, from using lead magnets to private messaging interested followers. However, not every lead will be gainful.

Some of your leads may only want to consume your free content, and while there is a place for that, buyer intent data can help you target your leads who are already willing and ready to buy from you.  

With buyer intent advertising, you can target people who have interacted with your content already. Or, you can aim your content toward people whose data show that they frequently use online services because it shows that they aren’t afraid to buy something that way. These are the leads with the most buyer intent, and therefore the most likely to convert.

Connect With Potential Customers

If your sales funnel isn’t outputting what you’d like, consider using buyer intent data to better connect with the leads you do have. You may need to talk to someone before they decide to join your email list or make a purchase. This can help you turn cold leads into warm leads, which are easier to sell to. When people know, like, and trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Find In-Market Audiences

One great way to connect with customers is to look for people who look online for similar services. This is known as an in-market audience. You can find common characteristics within this audience and use this data to target a larger demographic using keywords.

Narrow Ad Targeting

Unlike huge companies with vast brand awareness, a small business needs to be specific about the people they target.

You can use data to track who visits your site frequently, who visits similar sites, or who has added something to their cart without checking out. These audiences are more likely to buy than a cold lead, so it’s essential to target your ads to these people, especially if you want to make the most out of your ad budget. 

Create Engaging Content

Another crucial part of any advertising campaign is getting people to read more and learn about your offer. Consumer intent can help you create ad content that people want to read and interact with, such as blog posts. 

Blog posts are a great way to start collecting buyer intent data. If you find that blog posts on a particular subject get many views, you can create an offer and an ad around that topic.

Connect Your Content and Offers

Once you determine your most popular blog posts or social media posts, you can connect them to your paid offers. Why are people engaging with this content, and how does it relate to your business? You can turn consumers into buyers to bridge the gap between the two.

Speak to Your Customers

Whenever you create an ad, you need to make sure it will speak to your customers. If you’ve run ads before, go back and look at your most successful campaigns.

Consider how you wrote the ad copy and what image you used for the ad. In addition, it is also helpful to examine unsuccessful campaigns to see what wasn’t serving you. 

As you develop your new ad, you can use your buyer intent data to write copy that will resonate. Your copy should cover how your product or service will solve a problem and why that solution matters to the people viewing that ad.

Use Their Language

An excellent way to create your ad content is to use your customers’ language. If customers have expressed their problems or have asked questions, note their wording.

Write ad copy that includes exact phrases for your customers’ problems and questions. Doing that will make customers feel seen, which can help increase conversions.

Try to focus on customers who are farther along in your sales funnel. They’re more ready to buy, so answering their questions in your ad will help you make more sales.

Maintain Customers

Buyer intent advertising doesn’t stop when someone buys from you. After a purchase, you can keep tracking that user’s activity to maintain the relationship. Ensure you send out a retargeting ad to remind the customer about your business and get them to buy from you again.

If they start to interact with your competition, you know you have a problem. Contact the customer and ask them if they’re unhappy with your product or service. 

Is Buyer Intent Advertising for You?

Buyer intent advertising is a helpful tool for small business owners that want to maximize their advertising budget and increase conversions. By tracking what your customers do online, you can learn who is ready to buy.

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