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Advertising Campaign: 10 Ways to Tell if Your Campaigns are Working

Group of sales professionals in an office brainstorming for their business' advertising campaign.

In today’s marketing world, tracking and determining if an advertising campaign is working has become more and more challenging. Marketers and business owners may not always see a direct conversion or how clearly things are working, especially with cookie-based tracking on the decline,

But despite the challenges, you still need to tell if your advertising campaign is working and to what extent. Nobody wants to keep pulling substantial revenue from their business to put into ineffectual and fruitless campaigns. 

10 Ways to Tell if Your Advertising Campaign is Working

1. Increase in Site Traffic

One surefire way to determine if an advertising campaign is working is by simply tracking and monitoring the site traffic volume. And to even make it more reliable, you need to measure the site traffic volume even before rolling out the campaign. This helps you have a basis for comparison every time you check the progress of your brand’s site traffic volume. 

2. Increase in Overall Conversions 

Another way to determine if your campaigns are working is to consider the overall number of conversions you have received. This may comprise the number of leads, subscriptions, actual purchases, among other metrics. It would be best if you were inclusive enough in order to see all the possible means through which your campaign is converting prospective customers. 

3. Customer Outreach 

You should also look at the number of customers who have reached out to your business even if they didn’t make a purchase. Your ad campaigns may drive the target audience into reaching out for inquiries, signing up for newsletters or emails to inform their purchasing decisions better, or simply connect with your brand.

4. Increase in Phone Calls

Another signal you should look at is your brand’s overall call volume throughout the campaign’s duration. You need to look at your outbound calls. Particularly if your business usually reaches out to follow up with potential customers who’d also shown interest, such as opting-in to your promotional messages. 

5. Increase in Social Media Engagements 

If you run the campaigns through various social networks, you need to focus on your engagements. If the number of people responding or reacting to your social network campaigns increases, then your advertising is likely working. Be sure to look at the number of followers, comments, shares, mentions, or tags to check if the engagement levels are increasing. 

6. Increase in Foot Traffic 

If you’re not an e-commerce business, let’s say, a brick and mortar, then you need to look at the foot traffic numbers. The number of customers visiting your premises can help tell you how your campaigns are working. The number of people visiting your business locality will rise if your ad campaigns are functioning well. 

Again, when it comes to an increase in foot traffic, you should consider asking your customers where they first came into contact with your advertising. It will help you tell you if the campaign is working, and also where it is highly effective. 

Businesswoman with her sales team having a meeting in an office about business advertising.

7. Increase in the Overall Quality of Site Traffic 

Another effective way is by looking at the general quality of the site traffic. This means looking at how the visitors react or interact with your website. 

For instance, if your bounce rate is high, it means that you need to put in more effort. The amount of time users spend on your website or the on-site time should also give you a glimpse of your traffic’s performance and its general quality. You need to have a slightly flat bounce rate and substantial on-site time to tell if the campaign is doing well. 

8. Increase in Referrals and Brand Mentions 

If there’s a significant rise in product or general business recommendations/referrals, then your advertising campaigns are working out as intended. For instance, if you decide to do giveaways or freebies, especially when expanding brand awareness, you can note the number of redeemed coupons by coding the products. 

Another relatable approach is looking at the number of times your brand has been mentioned. Or the outbound linking you have earned from other web pages. If you often run native ad campaigns, you’re likely to get more mentions or references. 

9. Increase in Paid Ad Metrics  

Apart from the usual conversion signals, there are other key performance indicators you can look at when it comes to PPC advertising, such as impressions, reach, or click-through rate (CTR). In this case, performance measuring tools such as Google Analytics (GA) may come in handy. You’ll only need to monitor and track the number of times your ad is shown (Impressions), the total number of people who saw it (Reach), and ultimately, those who made a step and clicked the ads (CTR). 

10. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 

It may take a significant time before you start seeing a tangible return on your advertising budget. ROAS is a sure reflection that your campaigns are indeed working. Of course, every marketer expects an increased return on ad spend or simply a higher ROI percentage. You need to constantly check the amount of revenue you earn for each dollar spent on the ad campaign. 

Additionally, you can also check your ad search engine rankings. If you rank high in the search engines, then your campaign is likely performing as it should. 

Parting Shot

An advertising campaign may not necessarily work instantly. You have to give it time, or you may end up putting an end to a campaign that was on its way to sales. And if you see these signals, that’s a strong indication that your advertising campaign is working and will result in a positive lift over time. You shouldn’t turn things off too quickly, or you’ll never know how well it can work. 

To that end, if you need help with tracking or rolling out a new campaign, you can reach out for a consultation with our team of experts, and we’ll be glad to assist. 

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