Ad Targeting

Ad Targeting

Reach Exactly the People You Want

The beauty of online advertising is that you can target your ads to the people most likely to buy from you. It is almost shocking how well you can target ads when you have access to the right tools.

AdCritter offers two powerful options for ad targeting: Smart Targeter, which automatically targets based on your business type, and Advanced Targeting, which gives you virtually every tool of modern ad targeting.

Smart Targeter

How should a car wash’s ads change based on the weather forecast? How much of a realtor’s ad budget should be targeted toward newlyweds? Should a restaurant’s dinner ads appear in a wider area than its lunch ads?

You don’t have to know these answers because AdCritter does. Smart Targeter uses all of the tools available in Advanced Targeting and tunes them based on your business type. Smart Targeter continuously learns and optimizes based on the results of all the businesses in your category.

Smart Targeter is available for nearly 1,000 business types. Just pick your specialty, answer a few basic questions about your business, and Smart Targeter handles the rest.


Prefer to do your own targeting? AdCritter has all of the ad targeting features you’d expect of a modern ad platform, with an easy-to-use interface and common-sense explanations. Here are just some of the targeting tools you’ll find inside.

  • Geo-Targeting
  • Geo-Framing
  • Interest & Behavior Targeting
  • Audience Targeting
  • Search History
  • Offline Purchase History
  • Competitor Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • B2B Targeting
  • CRM Targeting

With over 200,000 audience segments to choose from, plus automatic integration with all the largest third-party data providers, AdCritter provides everything you need to build incredibly well-tuned campaigns.