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Let's be honest. What's an Advertising Campaign without a BADA** logo to go along with it?

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Targeted TV

Run your ads on popular streaming platforms such as Hulu or Peacock for a fraction of the price of typical TV campaigns. Display your ads only to the households that fit your targeting criteria perfectly. Maximize the impressions by prioritizing reach or choose specific genres.

Digital Billboards

With 100% of the US inventory available, use our platform to reach the audiences in any specific city or region. While old fashioned billboards are static and overpriced, your ads will actually catch everyone's attention. Have them uploaded or simply chosen from our templates.

Internet Ads

While Facebook and Google control half of online advertising (and your competitors are all there), benefit from using the other half. Retargeting is on life support but the low cost of programmatic makes it an effective and viable tactic once again.

Ready to Launch Ads 

Get access to thousands of professionally designed templates for various kinds of ads, including TV commercials. No need to outsource or wait on an agency. AdCritter will even create custom TV commercials at no additional charge. 

Launch Your Campaigns Today

No demo wall with AdCritter. Create an account and you can start advertising right away.

Customizable ad templates allow you to bypass costly, time intensive creative development and lets you get right down to advertising. 

AdCritter makes advertising on TV & Billboards a reality for almost any business.

Not A Fan Of Contracts? 

No Problem!

$149 a Month + Ad Spend

And 30 days for free

See for yourself how AdCritter can empower your Advertising before investing your money in it.

That's why we provide you with an opportunity to use the platform completely free for an entire month.

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for 30 days

  • Unlimited ads and campaigns
  • Full access to ad template library
  • Full range of targeting options
  • Low minimum budgets
  • Multiple options to top up your balance
  • Just $149 per month afterwards 

You Get Targeting!

You Get Targeting! 

Everybody Gets Targeting!

Using AdCritter, you can not only enjoy a greatly expanded audience reach, but also highly effective ad toolsets with loads of targeting options to expand your brand effectiveness and visibility

Geo-targeting & Geo-fencing
Contextual Category Targeting
Job-title Targeting
Cross-Device Targeting
Cross-Device Targeting
Conference & Event Targeting
Site Targeting
CRM & Custom Audience Targeting
Corporate-Location Targeting
Behavioral Targeting
Data Targeting

Access to All the Top Platforms, Devices, Channels & Sites


“AdCritter's ad targeting technology is a heck of a deal. Access to this level of tech in the past required that I spend $20k a month on ad campaigns. Now I get the tech I need for a fraction of the cost. Super easy to use too."

Brad Hill

BHC Real Estate


“AdCritter is amazing for my business. Their platform does so much of the work for me that I can focus my time elsewhere and not worry.”

Matt Carney

Smokin Thighs

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Seriously Though...What Are You Waiting For? 

Stop focusing on generic Social and Search advertising, leap ahead of your competition and start delivering video ads on popular streaming platforms, digital billboards right in front of their audiences eyes.

30 days for free with an extensive library of pre-made ad templates ready for launch.



for 30 days

  • Unlimited ads and campaigns,
  • Full access to ad template library
  • Full range of targeting adjustments
  • Low minimum budgets
  • Multiple options to top up your balance
  • Just $149 per month afterwards 

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