Why AdCritter?

It’s Designed For Small Companies & Agencies

For years, the complexity of programmatic advertising meant only the largest companies and agencies with dedicated programmatic experts and developers could offer it to their clients. We started AdCritter with the simple mission of making programmatic easy for small companies and agencies. With simple-to-use tools and plain-English explanations, you’ll find that nearly anyone on your team can build and manage effective programmatic campaigns.

It's Local

AdCritter is simplifies local programmatic because that’s what small agencies and local business need. Choose the cities or zip codes you need, and your ads will only run there. Need a national, regional or statewide campaign? That’s easy, too.

It Sets You Apart

Fewer than 10% of small agencies offer programmatic. Once you do and your clients find it works for them, the list of competitors they could leave you for gets very small.

Not Just Google & Facebook

Google and Facebook control roughly half of digital advertising. Programmatic is larger than either one of them separately and nearly as large as both of them combined. If you’re not offering your clients programmatic advertising, you’re only giving them access to half of the market.

Powerful Targeting

Get your ads in front of the people you want most. AdCritter offers Keyword Targeting, Location Targeting and Audience Targeting, all in one place. It’s powerful targeting you can do yourself.

It Costs Less

Because of our largely self-serve technology, AdCritter costs less than most programmatic providers, which already costs less than Google and Facebook. How much less? Standard AdCritter campaigns have a $4 CPM. And because click-thru rates are similar despite a lower CPM, your cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion will be much lower than on Google or Facebook.

It's Easy To Test

It only costs $500 to set up a $1,000 test campaign. (We match your first $500 deposit with an additional $500 credit.) Run an identical campaign to one you have on Google or Facebook and compare the results. Find out for yourself how simple and profitable programmatic campaigns can be.