AdCritter allows you to offer an entire suite of new services to your clients. Here are just a few of the things you can do with AdCritter…

Campaign Expansion

Some of your clients have campaigns that are working well on either Google or Facebook. Campaign expansion takes what is already working and expands it across the web using Programmatic Display. Generate more volume and lower CPC for the campaigns that are already working. AdCritter allows you to match your existing campaign parameters (keywords, custom audiences, etc.) so expanding your campaigns outside the duopoly has never been easier.


Geo-fencing is hot. Clients are demanding it because it works. Geo-fencing allows you to target ads to devices in specific locations, all the way down to individual buildings. You can target ads to people only while they are in the building or continue targeting them after they’ve left.


Geo-targeting, sometimes called hyper-local targeting, is similar to geo-fencing except that, instead of targeting everyone within the designated area, you only target people in that area that fit certain criteria. For instance, you might only want to target a certain demographic profile or even a custom audience within a given location rather than everyone in that location. Because geo-targeting puts more restrictions on who sees an ad than geo-fencing does, it is usually used to target slightly larger locations.

Data Construction & Tailored Audiences

Most clients can describe their “dream audience.” The hard part for agencies is finding the data needed to craft that audience. AdCritter has data miners in house. Describe your client’s ideal audience and we’ll build it for it. Or build one yourself by combining any of the 200,000 pre-populated audience segments you’ll find in the AdCritter Audience Builder.

Job Title Targeting (B2B)

Job Title Targeting allows you to target ads only to people with specific job titles working at specific types of companies. This is perfect for your B2B clients as there is usually only a very specific type of decision-maker that they are trying to reach. For example, you might use Job Title Targeting to reach CEOs of Mid-Sized Financial Firms. You can even match your targeted job titles to a custom list of companies.

Corporate Location Targeting (B2B)

Often there are specific companies that your B2B clients are trying to sell to. Corporate Location Targeting uses Geo-Fencing to target the corporate headquarters of each company on your client’s “hot list,” delivering ads to everyone working in the building.

Custom Audiences & CRM Targeting

Many of your clients have a list of people they want to target with ads. You already know how to do this on Facebook and Google by uploading “Custom Audiences.” AdCritter allows you to do the same, but with a significantly lower CPC than you’ll get with the duopoly.

Conference & Event Targeting

Conference & Event Targeting uses time-restricted Geo-Fencing to target the attendees of a given conference or event. You can even continue delivering ads to those same attendees long after the event is over. If you have clients who are spending money on conferences and tradeshows, they should be supplementing (or replacing) those efforts with Conference & Event Ad Targeting.


Retargeting is an essential ingredient in any online marketing effort. AdCritter makes it easy. Add retargeting to any AdCritter campaign with a single click. Use a single retargeting campaign for all visitors to a client’s site or build unique campaigns to retarget different groups differently.

Connected TV

Connected TV Advertising is the digital placement of video ads into the streaming platforms of internet-abled television, including Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Tivo, Roku, XBox, PlayStation and more. It combines the powerful impact of traditional television ads with the advanced targeting tools we’ve come to expect of internet advertising. As always, AdCritter makes it easy.